Gunshot, 7:34 PM

Yuppies dominate this neighborhood

driving Audis and Mercedes
past the country club
whose initiation fee is
thirty thousand dollars

ferrying kids to riding lessons
and lacrosse practice
or that exclusive school
tucked in among the horse farms

returning home for
a Whole Foods dinner
complemented by
the appropriate wine

gas fireplaces warming
purebred teacup dogs
grown fat from food
made of duck and brown rice

and yet
a sound from my youth

evoking bright orange and dark red
post-Thanksgiving dawns
stomping through the forest
antlers mounted in kitchens

a crack and its echo
barely worth notice
in that time and place
registers differently here

I note the time
preparing my story for
the eventual trial
and true crime cash-in book

as women in yoga pants
and men in pressed khakis
consider how much money
they spent to avoid this moment.


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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