The Bright Side of Darkness (Day 5)

(Today is Day 5 of National Poetry Writing Month.) 

When the blackout shades 

are finally drawn

and I live 

in perpetual darkness

I won’t have 

my eyes dilated or

poked with a blue light

and all the co-pays 

I won’t need 

will add up so 

I can take vacations 

to places that sound nice.

Sunny days won’t

make me squint and sneeze

or cast confusing shadows;

they’ll mean warmth

and I’ll finally enjoy

sitting on the beach or

leaving the curtains open

and all that natural vitamin D

will improve my mood

and I’ll want sunscreen

more than Zoloft.

I’ll need my guide dog

of course

and I’ll miss my son’s smile

and my daughter’s eyes

and my wife’s fake-mean glares

but I will be free

to mismatch my shoes

and wear wrinkled pants

with stains and tears

to work

if I even work at all

and don’t just stay home

sleeping odd hours

walking around naked

eating Froot Loops 

with the stereo cranked.

When I’m Total

not just Low Vision or

Legally Blind

the world will hold 

unlimited possibilities

as I imagine a 

face for each voice

and try to hear body types

in small talk with strangers,

designing avatars for each person,

costumes and accessories,

hair and make-up,

and every environmental detail,

no longer constrained by 

the harsh truth of sight

but free to create 

a universe of my own.


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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