Unanswered (Day 6)

(Day 6 of National Poetry Writing Month.)

I thought of you and 


where I’d be if

God hadn’t

condemned me 

in whispers

only you could hear,

telling you to choose 

Him over me.

Who am I 

if joined to you?

How would I have grown

and would I hate you now

for everything I loved then?

Is it possible

that  our unfulfilled future

made me a deacon

filled with anger

at gays 

and liberals

but mostly myself?

If we spoke tonight 

15 years later

would we each

leave shaken 

by disappointment?

Do you ever pray for me,

hope I am well

or was I just a sin

wiped clean 

by the love of Christ?

You would be horrified

to learn I never 

bow my head

to ask for anything.

I learned long ago

how futile that is. 



About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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