A Suggestion from My Wife (Day 10)

(One third of the way through National Poetry Writing Month.)

Write a love poem, 

and it’s okay if it’s sappy

so long as it’s about me.

Talk about 

our glorious future,

our grandkids

running through sprinklers

in well-mown grass,

dark silhouettes 

against the neon orange sunset

as we sip lemonade 

on a porch swing

arthritic hand in hand.

Tell everyone about

my unmatched beauty

and how it enslaves you,

keeps you up at night

afraid to close your eyes

and miss a second of rapture.

Dedicate to me

not only your poem

but your soul,

number the tortures 

you would undergo

rather than see me frown,

list the body parts 

you would willingly 

cut off

to please me.

Prostrate yourself publicly

before me

at the mention of my name

and ask for nothing in return,

not even a nod

of acknowledgement

in your darkest hour.

What’s so hard about that? 



About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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