Charm City (Day 14)

(NaPoWriMo’s 14th day.)

Come to Baltimore

and I’ll take you to

an abandoned row house

where we can play all afternoon

looking for copper wire

throwing rocks at rats

using old needles for a game of darts

dodging stray bullets

and the police.


this is the Charm City

beloved by people

who moved to the County

when they got pregnant

and only go to tourist spots

and chain restaurants

when they visit.

Third-tier presidential candidate

Martin O’Malley

used to be the mayor

and he was so pure and righteous

that he became a 

character on The Wire

a show about



and urban decay

that actually

improved the city’s image.

In this town

anyone can be a star

in a John Waters film

or get murdered 

(and then prayed over)

by Ray Lewis.

I can show you a good time

you will end up delirious

in a stranger’s clothes

just like Edgar Allan Poe

whose grave we’ll visit

and desecrate.

John Wilkes Booth is here too

and his legacy of

quality theater experiences

continues to this day

in our local playhouses.

Book your flight

and hotel now

before the Bay

is so polluted that

the crabs are extinct

and all this Old Bay

is used as ice melt.


You don’t have much time

and neither does




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