Goodnight, Little Ones (Day 17)

(National Poetry Writing Month continues.)

Silence, child, and listen close!

Pay dearest heed to those who know

the ghoulish tale of Bloody Joe,

the Bedroom Closet Strangler!

He hides behind your winter coat

his hands in gloves made out of goat

waiting to wrap around your throat,

the Bedroom Closet Strangler!

Old Joe, they say, makes not a peep,

just watches as you’re counting sheep

then kills you when you go to sleep,

the Bedroom Closet Strangler!

I’ve heard he’s claimed 100 lives,

parents, children, husbands, wives,

that no one sees him and survives

the Bedroom Closet Strangler!

Did you her something?  What’s that sound?

You go and have a look around.

I’ll hide so I won’t be found

by the Bedroom Closet Strangler!

So boys and girls, don’t close your eyes

unless you feel prepared to die

a victim of that fiendish guy,

the Bedroom Closet Strangler! 



About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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