Reservations (Day 23)

(Only a week left of National Poetry Writing Month!)


no heat no air no internet no room for an orgy just you and your partner locked in together by kindly owners

toys are not provided so good luck getting your whips and chains and ball-gags past the TSA folks and you will need to fly unless you live in Europe in which case just take a train

can’t say I’m surprised that someone in Germany is renting out a sex-dungeon prison cell given their history which you would think might kill the mood but apparently not

how does one set about building a prison in their home like does a contractor just nod and offer an estimate or is there a lot of laughter first and then an awkward silence followed by a shrug

the nice part is that this rent-a-cell is listed as pet friendly so you don’t have to leave your cat at home while you’re role-playing Guard and Inmate and maybe little Muffin could even be the contraband Officer Butch discovers in the cell and the convict has to be punished for it

no reviews yet so please be the first to share your thoughts and describe your experience and choose a star rating so my wife and I can make an informed decision about the trip we’re getting my parents for their anniversary

my father has Germanic heritage and he’s always smacking my mom on the butt in public and now that I’m thinking about it I don’t want to go into their basement anytime soon because maybe they’ve redecorated the wrong way

they should get out and see the world it’s so bright and beautiful and other cultures have so much to offer plus they can trace their ancestors and see where they came from and then shiver all night long in a cement room with no amenities it’s the least I could do to thank them for the way I’ve turned out 


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