14 Years In, a Realization (Day 29)

until I watched it burn, until I saw police in riot gear and looters in the mall parking lot, until I felt the fear of loss and the anger of oppression, until the sun rose and so did the city’s better angels

until I realized how much love she needed, how many wounds have to heal, how many problems require solutions, how many bottles were thrown and skulls were cracked, how many prayers were said, how many volunteers came out

until then I didn’t know how much I love Baltimore

and that bothers me

because I’ve danced to street drummers and I’ve paddled a dragon boat and I’ve pulled the meat out of crab claws and I’ve walked down Charles Street in the snow and I’ve been to The Block and I’ve felt the stadium shake and I’ve never been alone here

because I’ve seen talent growing like grass through the cracks of this concrete and I’ve heard a banjo playing disco and I’ve smoked a hookah with a grandmother and I’ve marched for a living wage and I’ve written poems with the insane and I’ve grown up

because I should have noticed sooner

and I’m sorry 



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2 Responses to 14 Years In, a Realization (Day 29)

  1. Tina says:

    Not until I heard others speak of my city with fear and loathing, did I realize how much I love it. I was hurt to my very core.

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