A Clean, Well-Lit Place (Day 8)

We overslept, and we didn’t get out the door until after 10 AM.  Kristy was worried that we were wasting our day.  She needn’t have been concerned.  Today was the day we went H.A.M.  (Look it up, old people.)  Though it was a steamy 98°, we walked almost ten miles and climbed 35 flights of stairs.  We saw Notre Dame, the Mona Lisa, and the view from the Montparnasse Tower.  All that, and I even took a nap.

The food here is as good as reported.  Kristy sampled a banana-Nutella crepe, while I had a chicken sandwich on a baguette.  That was a pleasant lunch.  Our dinner was at an excellent little French restaurant–a carafe of wine and a warm brownie dessert included.  

(Kristy’s dad wants her to eat snails or duck.  I know she won’t do the former, but–seeing as she eats turkey and chicken–I think she should try duck.  She thinks they’re too cute to eat.  They are cute, but they’re rapists, so I don’t feel bad, even when it comes to foie gras.)

I had my first view of the Eiffel Tower today, lit up shortly after sundown.  You know–around 10 PM.  This city is lovely at night.  Just gorgeous.

Tomorrow–Versailles, and we go up in the Eiffel Tower!


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