Almost Speechless (Day 9)

It looks like a postcard, but it isn’t.  My wife took this picture during our walking tour of the Eiffel Tower.  There are some places so beautiful, so iconic, that almost any picture you take looks frameable , and this is one.

Our tour met at 9:30 PM so we could see the illumination of the Tower and look at the city at night.  It doesn’t get dark here until 10.  (Everything seems to be later in France–even natural phenomena.)  It was breathtaking to arrive at the foot of the Tower just as the lights came on.  Every hour, a set of 16,000 lights blink on and off, giving the structure a sparkling look, which is quite impressive.

We went to the second floor–which is higher up than it sounds–and surveyed the City of Lights.  This was the moment I’ve dreamed of since I saw that National Geographic cover in 1989.  It was better than I had imagined.

The evening was so amazing that I’ve almost forgotten to mention Versailles, which is the most impressive palace we’ve visited on our trip.  In fact, it’s so beautiful that even the French Revolutionaries who turned Notre Dame into a warehouse didn’t abuse it.  (They did sell off the furniture, though.)  Kristy wants to live there, although the last queen who had the place fared poorly.

Tomorrow:  The Arc de Triomphe and more.


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2 Responses to Almost Speechless (Day 9)

  1. Todd says:

    Hope you can get to the Tomb of Napoleon. I found it amazing when I visited in high school.

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