God, That’s Good! (Day 12)

The best meal in Paris is at Ave Maria.  Yes, we’ve only been here six days; no, we haven’t eaten everywhere.  But–all hyperbole aside–the meal we ate there on Saturday night may be the best meal I’ve eaten in my life.

I’m a picky eater, and I don’t like to try new things, so when I saw the menu, with its limited selection of chef’s options, I was prepared to be displeased.  I ordered an African-accented chicken meal that came with rice and a tropical salad.  (My wife ordered a vegetarian meal, pictured above.)  The meat was tender, juicy, perfectly seasoned, and nicely complimented by a salad with orange and pineapple slices in it.  I found myself scraping the plate with my fork, looking for every last morsel.  Dessert was a delicious tart, made with mousse and wonderfully fresh raspberries.  The portions were large, and the prices were reasonable.  Otis Redding and the Temptations played from the speakers.

This was not, in the strict sense, French food, but that doesn’t matter.  Being in Paris does not require one to eat escargot.  I had some crepes, okay?  I drank wine and ate a baguette.  I think I covered the essentials.  

Still, I’m telling you, Ave Maria is essential.  If I ever come back to Paris, I’ll be back here for sure.


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4 Responses to God, That’s Good! (Day 12)

  1. Julie Ayers says:

    Carlos and Valerie will be so pleased!

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