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For My Wife, On Presidents’ Day

George Washington cut down a tree but held fast to his honesty. His father smiled and soon forgave, for truthfulness is often brave. I have no ax, nor need for wood. (I’m sorry George, my teeth are good.) I’ve lost … Continue reading

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For My Wife, on Valentine’s Day

The entryway’s cluttered. Her kitchen’s a mess. Her children are screaming, Neither one dressed. Her class has just finished. She’s just arrived home, and there sits her husband, face glued to his phone. “Hello, dear,” he calls her without looking … Continue reading

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The Recipe 

If you get a few plastic bottles, some batteries, a little fertilizer and lye, and a pack of Sudafed, and you can cook yourself a pile of crystal meth in your own home.  Snort it or smoke it, get that … Continue reading

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Pre-Party Freak Out

There is an old Asian saying:  “Clean house, clean mind.  Clean mind, clean heart.”  Anyone who knows me, or who has spent any significant time reading the posts on this blog will realize that I possess neither a clean mind … Continue reading

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No Attraction

Somebody told me Elvis Costello is God and I felt my bowels liquefy  at the idea that the universe fell under the control of someone with such boring taste I mean say what you will about the cruelty and horrors … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns:  Let the Fire Burn

   The first thing we see is a child, small for his age.  He sits quietly as a kindly man speaks to him about the camera that films them.  This is a deposition, we learn.  The boy is told only … Continue reading

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Marlene:  A Brief Bit of Fiction

Señora Grundy hated me, but not as much as I hated her. I’m not sure what bothered me most–the intense cherry red of her obviously dyed hair, the voice so squeaky it could give a nearby dog seizures, or the … Continue reading

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