Pepe (Day 8, 2016)

Today is the 8th day of National Poetry Writing Month!



He frightened her,
the mouse,
scampering into her classroom
at odd hours,
so she decided to name him,
a mental trick 
to ease her fear.

She called him Pepe.

But she forgot
what happens when you
give something a name–
you form a connection,
the foundation of a relationship
even where none was intended. 

She was no longer scared
and she smiled
when she spotted him
scurrying out of her closet.
She began to say hello
not just in her head
but out loud
always using the name
like a charm,
unaware who was actually
becoming bewitched.

After a week
she started 
leaving crumbs
near her desk
and sitting still
so as not to startle him
her friend
and she would talk to him
ask about his day
discuss her problems
while he chewed
and twitched his tail nervously.

One night
as her husband
grunted and humped
on top of her
her mind wandered
and she imagined
it was a mouse
wiggling its way inside of her
and she whispered his name
without shame
knowing her husband
was too inattentive to notice.

The next morning
she entered her classroom
to find her beloved
on a glue trap
struggling so hard
to be free
that he had torn off 
one of his legs
and foam frosted his lips.
She screamed
until a custodian arrived
and brought his workboot
down with savage authority
onto the forlorn creature,
her friend,



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