A Secret (Day 9, 2016)

Day 9’s prompt at the National Poetry Writing Month website encourages us to write a line of poetry that we are afraid to write.  I pretty much did that yesterday, but why not make it two in a row?

A Secret

Sometimes I dream about
my wife dressed up as a dolphin
offering me her blowhole
for carnal purposes
and I wake up confused
and a little excited
and I ask her if she wants
to watch Flipper reruns with me
and what she wants to be this Halloween
and I wonder if she can 
make clicking noises
and I imagine her swimming
coming up out of the water
in one of those cute arcs
and balancing a ball on her nose
so I will toss her a fish
and then she notices 
I’m aroused
and she shoves me away
and I go to my room
and put on a CD of ocean sounds
and drift away.



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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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