One Night in Frederick, Maryland (Day 10, 2016)

Welcome back to those of you I haven’t offended!  It’s day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month.

One Night, in Frederick, Maryland

We stood on the porch
as rain fell with the force
of a bathroom faucet
on the empty 2 AM street
where a sheet of water
three inches deep 
slid toward the intersection
half a block away.

An advertising newspaper
buoyed by its plastic sheath
floated into view
and curious to see its destination 
we hurried out to follow 
the accidental ship
sailing the impromptu July seas
the rain warm as sweat
running down our faces.

At the intersection
the paper docked at a sewer grate
but the cross street
opened our view to the park 
in which we spent afternoons 
playing frisbee golf.

Where that morning a small stream
trickled through a ditch a foot deep
an impromptu lake had formed
water as deep as our knees
spreading out from the ditch 
thirty feet on either side
and we splashed and laughed
until the red and blue flashing lights
appeared back at the street
and a flashlight’s beam
bounced between our guilty faces
as we smiled and waved hello
then returned upstream
salmon headed home.

When I woke at lunchtime
the sun was shining
and the park grass was damp
but the water had receded 
into the ditch
all but memory 


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