A Message from Your Blind Friends and Neighbors (Day 11, 2016)

Day 11 of National Poetry Writing Month!

A Message from Your Blind Friends and Neighbors

Blind people never tire
of your questions
about their disability.

Please don’t feel that
you’re imposing
when you ask a 
what caused his impairment
if there’s a cure
how much they can see.

We understand
that your curiosity
our privacy,
and our families
have been trained
to accept your stares
because vision loss
long ago earned us
minor celebrity status.

Feel free to approach us
at any time
day or night
in any place
with any questions
or concerns
or advice
or anecdotes
you feel might be of interest
to someone you don’t know
anything about 
because you are surely right.

Assume that any blind person
has the mental acuity
of a toddler with head trauma
and the emotional frailty
of an abused Guinea pig–
speak in soothing tones
and express your sympathy
for all the trials
you imagine
our lives must contain,
speak of your religious faith
and how it will rescue us
in time
with a cure
or now
with inner peace
but don’t worry about
whether we share your beliefs
because our thoughts
are less important than yours.

Above all
remember that
our disability 
imbues us with an
innate nobility
born of struggles
others perceive us to face
and therefore
you should speak of us
not as actual human beings
but as bloodless avatars 
of saintly suffering
who can be used as 
object lessons
for complaining children
or to chide Facebook whiners
who think they have it rough.

We are happy to help
make your life easier
in any way we can.

We are here for you.



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