Hanoi, 8/14/09 (Day 14, 2016)

Two weeks into National Poetry Writing Month.  


Hanoi, 8/14/09

I finished Of Mice and Men
in one sitting
and watched some music videos
though I didn’t understand
what the singers were saying
and I tried to sleep
knowing it might be the
last good night’s rest
I would have for months
but every car horn
fifteen stories down
returned me to consciousness
and I watched the sun rise
thinking about you
wondering who you were
and who I would help you become
and I will admit
I was afraid 
of not being good enough
or smart enough
to be what you needed.  

Seven years later
this same fear
still occasionally keeps
me awake at night.



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2 Responses to Hanoi, 8/14/09 (Day 14, 2016)

  1. Julie Ayers says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

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