Grumpy (Day 21, 2016)

This is the 21st day of National Poetry Writing Month.  

The suggested prompt for today was to write from the perspective of a fairytale’s supporting character.


My brothers whistle while
they work, but personally I
think they’re fools.  What sort
of little person enjoys slavery
in the diamond mines?  We
harvest jewels for a queen
who spends her days staring
at her reflection rather than 
administering the governance 
of our forested kingdom.  And now
I’m supposed to be excited 
because a teen girl on the lam
is hiding out in our cottage?  Eventually
the authorities are going to find 
her and the child won’t be the 
only one with her heart cut out in
the queen’s dungeon.  The kid is cute
but I’m old enough to be her grandfather’s
grandfather, and I can see through the
wholesome virgin act. She must have 
done something to wind up 
here, and I doubt it involved washing
the dishes and singing for the woodland
creatures.  She has my brothers dancing
and singing, washing their hands 
before dinner as if any amount of
scrubbing will ward off the pestilence
this whore brings with her.



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