A Spenserian Sonnet about Dogs (Day 23, 2016)

Only a week left for National Poetry Writing Month.

A Spenserian Sonnet about Dogs

What motivates a dog to wake each day?
Is it love and duty for her master?
Or would she rather run and jump and play,
making canine heart beat ever faster?
Barring some unfortunate disaster,
lost tennis ball or paw stung by a bee,
not one happy moment will slip past her
as she frolics, her mind and spirit free.
She’ll stop to sniff each fence post, bush, and tree
to see what information might be gained
from smelling ev’ry strange animal’s pee
cataloging the scents inside her brain.
No–though such recreation may be good,
the real reason dogs rise each morn is food.



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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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