Blister in the Sun (Day 24, 2016)

On this 24th day of National Poetry Writing Month, I’ve have been tasked by Julie Ayers with writing a poem with this specific title.

Blister in the Sun

He took her to dinner
at her favorite restaurant–
the hole-in-the-wall sushi joint–
and sat across from her,
weeping his confession,
explaining that he had never meant
to hurt her, especially
with her sister and
everyone felt terrible, 
he told her,
but in time he hoped she
would learn to love her new niece/
step-daughter because this was 
not the child’s fault and
at that point, she lost focus
and his words smeared into noise
which she tried to drown out 
by concentrating on
the restaurant’s mood music
which was difficult at first but
when the song changed
she locked onto the rhythm and
the guitar riff provoked
an involuntary response 
causing her to
clapclap clapclap
as she smiled without meaning to.


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