I’m with Her (Day 26, 2016)

National Poetry Writing Month will be over soon.

I’m with Her

Not because our minds are one
or because she is overdue
and I don’t worry about electability
but because each big dream must
be built of a hundred million details
and most dreamers get bored of those–
and so do I, to be honest–
but the world requires people who pay attention
to the hum-drum specifics
and while one person can’t manage everything
a good executive understands what, exactly,
she’s asking her subordinates to do
and doesn’t demand the impossible
because that leads to resentments
that sabotage good intentions
so while I admire her opponent
and support his general worldview
I don’t trust him to carry it it out
and you can call me a Sellout
but I prefer to say Pragmatist
because the last eight years
proved to me that politics is a war
where you bleed for every inch 
of progress, and that change comes
so slowly you don’t realize until
much later the full gravity of
the transformation.  I want
the left to challenge her,
encourage her,
defend her,
fill her with boldness
so we can move forward
one confident step at a time.


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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