Tell a Story Backwards (Day 28, 2016)

Three days of National Poetry Writing Month left.

Tell a Story Backwards

Start with the happy ending–
where the hero kisses his love interest
in front of the burning building
from which he has rescued her,
after eliminating the villain
who had brought her there
bound, gagged, and bruised
in his nondescript white van
while the hero chased leads in the library 
cross-checking newspaper articles
on bombings and robberies
the villain has committed for years
going all the way back to the attack
on the cruise ship
that killed our hero’s wife and daughter
in the very first scene.

Start with triumph and
finish with despair
so the tale you tell
better mirrors Life
which begins as a miracle
and ends with complete annihilation,
a journey from smiles to tears
comprised of plodding exposition
(and not nearly enough nudity)
dragged on far past the point of tedium.

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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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