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Resolution for 2017

Invariably, when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a long time, they ask me if I’ve been writing.  I respond by tilting my head downward and offering a forced chuckle, like a man who’s just let out an … Continue reading

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A List of Wonderful Things from 2016

2016 was fucked up from the jump.  Ted Cruz won a primary and David Bowie died right around the same time, and maybe that should have clued us in to the fact that the next twelve months would be a … Continue reading

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Rest, Alfie

Two weeks ago, my cat, Alfie, fell off the bed.  Actually, I’m being imprecise, because he never quite made it up.  He jumped, missed, and fell on the IKEA-wood platform base that supports my mattress.  He yowled and slunk away … Continue reading

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from now on

I bumped into a motorcycle outside of a Flying J  in nowhere Ohio clipped the handlebar with my hip  which hurt but worse knocked the shiny black and chrome machine on its side with me unsure how  to stop the … Continue reading

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