from now on

I bumped into a motorcycle
outside of a Flying J 
in nowhere Ohio
clipped the handlebar with my hip 
which hurt but
knocked the shiny black and chrome machine
on its side
with me unsure how 
to stop the fall
confused and dumbstruck
reaching out 
too late 
to do anything but 
pick it back up.

As I resettled the vehicle 
on its kickstand
wanting to slink away
I saw him watching me
all bandana sweat and scorched skin
his goatee a dagger point
thick scuffed boots I could almost taste
like blood and broken teeth and gravel,
my eyes watered 
bowels loosened
as he closed the distance
his arm extending 
like a switchblade
until he gripped 
the back of my skull 
leaned down
to say

Be more careful from now on.


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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