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Thinking of Henry Miller

Henry Miller wrote pornography for a dollar a page, because he had to pay rent and buy food.  All the while, he was working on Tropic of Cancer, which was one of the 20th century’s great novels.  He was in … Continue reading

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I brought home a kitten

I brought home  a kitten for my wife to cuddle on the couch in front of the TV but it scratched her on the cheek and shat in her slipper which no one noticed until … yuck and now the … Continue reading

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Game OverĀ 

What follows is a chapter from my unfinished novel Only Begotten Sons.  The story concerns Marty Merlo, whose elderly father, Martin, may actually be the Second Coming of Christ. The novel has problems, but I’ve always liked this bit.  It works … Continue reading

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How hard should a movie try to please its audience?  If movies are a diversion from the strains of real life–as so many people insist they are–is there such a thing as trying to hard? La La Land can serve as … Continue reading

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July 15, 1967, 9:34 AM

When Frank Hayes turned six, his mother gave him a pair of work boots, just like his father’s. They were a deep brown leather with rubber soles and a small steel plate in the toe, and the laces wrapped around … Continue reading

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Caton (A Sketch)

In middle school, she took a new name, having grown tired of the one given by her parents.  She was no longer Elizabeth.  Henceforth, she would call herself Caton, borrowing that name from the dust jacket of an obscure Romanian … Continue reading

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Too Old for This (Good) Shit

Staying up until midnight used to seem like so much fun.  Remember being young, when even the idea of midnight filled you with the excitement of the forbidden?  Your parents didn’t let you stay up that late, so when they made … Continue reading

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