Easter Poem (Day 16, 2017)

Today is the sixteenth day of NaPoWriMo.

Easter Poem

There were twelve apostles
which, let’s be honest, is
too many people to
consider them all 
close friends.  Someone
will eventually feel 
and go elsewhere.

The Messiah knew someone
was getting squirrely 
and said as much at 
The Last Supper, but
He didn’t change His
after-dinner plans 
despite Judas deciding
to skip prayer st the Garden.

Even the Lord probably got tired

of dealing with all the drama
a dozen people brought with them,
asking to walk on water or
who would sit at his right hand
or how to pray.  
It’s hard enough being
part of the triune godhead 
without a large, needy posse 
following you everywhere.

He was probably
secretly relieved when
He realized only two
other guys were getting 
crucified with Him
and that they were strangers.

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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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