How Babies Are Made (Day 19, 2017)

Day 19 of National Poetry Writing Month, and today’s prompt challenged us to write a creation myth poem.

How Babies Are Made

When two people 
love each other
like mommy and I do
very much
they get married
and they think
for a long time about
all of the responsibility
that comes with parenting
and they seek out advice
from their families
and their minister
and their accountant
to make sure they’re ready
then they read several books
and attend a few parenting classes
move to a neighborhood with
superior public schools and
a minimal crime rate
they test their new home
for radon and lead paint
they start exercising
so they’ll be good role models
go vegan and organic
fill every socket with
tiny plastic covers
install infrared-equipped
4K baby monitors in 
the nursery they’ve 
decorated in gender-neutral colors
take out large life insurance policies
open a 529 college savings fund
trade their sedan in for a minivan
choose a unique, creatively-spelled name
learn CPR
begin a strict prenatal vitamin regimen
give their pets away
and then 
when everything is 
finally just right
they fuck


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