A Letter of Apology (Day 28, 2017)

Almost done with National Poetry Writing Month.

A Letter of Apology

I’m sorry

you came here for lighthearted levity, bright airy reveries, gentle irreverence free 

from the snark and the snarl and the bile, the sickly perverse and the dark and the vile but

you were mistaken, a fool who’d been taken, you left this place shaken and

rightly disheartened, so I beg your pardon, no

offense was intended, let our breach be mended, your forbearance commended, for

these are just words I’ve strung in a line, no need for concern–I promise I’m fine, your trust must be earned; I’m honestly trying to

be what you see in me, why you believe in me, all that you need from me, I’ll prove you can lean on me, please

be patient


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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