To Those Who Patronize Strip Clubs (Day 29, 2017)

Tomorrow is the last day of National Poetry Writing Month.

To Those Who Patronize Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are great
if you can’t get a woman 
to disrobe for free
and you prefer your
arousal devoid of personal
connection, her eyes,
if you actually look at them
glazed over in boredom
as she pretends to
pleasure herself to earn your 
dollar before moving on to the
next lonely and pathetic man
and repeating the performance

Maybe you can even pay the 
disinterested young(ish) woman
to sit on your lap and squirm
in a pantomime of ecstasy
and speak words your
wife won’t say during 
your semi-annual 
four minutes of 
missionary thrusting
where you both keep your
your shirts on and 
never kiss

On route 22 in
western Pennsylvania
there is a drive through 
club where you can pull
around back and stare
at a dancer through 
a window (two, if you
forgot to roll yours down)
and then return to the
highway to continue your
trip to your parents’ house
or back to the office
having gained a fleeting thrill
in exchange for five dollars
and your dignity

If only you,
like me,
oozed sexual charisma
so fierce that
several times a day
you had to decline
your partner’s frantic
erotic pleadings
for fear of driving 
her clinically insane 
with a preponderance of 
sexual pleasure,
none of this would be


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