Who is this guy?

Father, teacher, playwright, skeptic, smart-ass, vulgarian, friend.

(I am also an ordained minister, but don’t let that fool you–I got that shit off the Internet.)

My eyes are really bad–20/150 bad, and that’s with glasses. I have retinitis pigmentosa, an untreatable disorder that makes it difficult or impossible for me to do a lot of things. This is the source of much of this blog’s humor or pathos or whatever you’d call it.

I try to post daily, both to feed the Beast and to exercise my writing skills (such as they are). Drop a line. Give a suggestion. Make a request. I’m here for you.


10 Responses to Who is this guy?

  1. Dear Sir,
    You blog came recommended to me by my very best friend, writer of the Unhappy Mommy blog. What little I have read so far, you last 3 posts, tells me I’m buying a ticket and following along for the ride.
    My best friend in high school had retinitis pigmentosa. Along with teaching me a lot about living through adversity with a smile and a song, (Aleana was a gifted clarinetist), she managed to completely shatter what little personal space bubble I had. Living with someone who frequently borrows your arm, or your eyes, seriously changes you views on casual touching, and to this day, I think I was better able to get over my physical insecurities and make friends more easily because Aleana taught me that it’s ok to express myself, and my affection with touch.
    Now my friend, the unhappy mommy, is teaching me to express myself with words. And the one thing I wanted to say to you is that…well…that there is now someone is southern Colorado thinking happy thoughts in you and your family’s direction. Don’t feel that you have to approve or post this reply. I just didn’t know any other way to make contact and throw a virtual Gold Star in your direction. I love Gold Stars. They shine so bright, just like special people.


    • semiblind says:

      Dear Chris–

      Thanks for the Gold Star, and for all of your kind words. Back at you from Maryland.

      RP is a relatively rare disease, so “meeting” someone who knows another person with the condition is a rarity, even in the wide world of the Internet.

      My wife definitely understands the feeling of being my eyes. I put my hand on her back and use her as a guide/shield in almost every crowded situation.. (“I feel like you’re pushing me,” she says. “Like you’re going to shove me into traffic.”) It was exceptionally difficult on our recent trip to NYC…

      But I digress. It’s nice to hear from you. I’ll be following your blog as well. I’m sure we’ll see each other around.


      • Andrew,
        Oddly enough, I know two people with RP. My husband and I recently relocated to Southern Colorado and for a brief 5 weeks (not brief enough) were living with my parents. Their neighbor and good friend across the street also has RP. What fascinates me about this family is they have two little ones, a 6 month old girl, and a 3 year old boy we all call Squeaker, because his mother buys specially made shoes on the internet with built in squeaks like dog toys, to help his dad track his movement. I wonder if they have more than one tone for those shoes, so they can differentiate the baby’s steps from her brother’s. I guess it’s better than tying a bell around their necks.
        Anywheres, have a great day!

      • semiblind says:

        I’m not to that point yet. Or, perhaps, my children just trample loudly enough that a squeak seems unnecessary. It’s interesting that they have products like that–I didn’t know.

      • The original design was more for the cute factor than directed at blind parents, but since then the neighbor’s wife has actually directed the inventor toward various societies for the blind to market her children’s shoes.

  2. mixedupmeme says:

    Father, teacher, playwright, skeptic, smart-ass, vulgarian, friend

    Hmmm I choose friend, skeptic and smart-ass.

  3. ktonette says:

    I like that you swear. You do it in a witty way, and it’s refreshing. Great blog!

  4. rnslib2014 says:

    My husband is also an ‘internet minister’. Friends wanted to be married, but not by a judge nor a minister. They chose Thom.

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