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Game Over 

What follows is a chapter from my unfinished novel Only Begotten Sons.  The story concerns Marty Merlo, whose elderly father, Martin, may actually be the Second Coming of Christ. The novel has problems, but I’ve always liked this bit.  It works … Continue reading

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July 15, 1967, 9:34 AM

When Frank Hayes turned six, his mother gave him a pair of work boots, just like his father’s. They were a deep brown leather with rubber soles and a small steel plate in the toe, and the laces wrapped around … Continue reading

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Caton (A Sketch)

In middle school, she took a new name, having grown tired of the one given by her parents.  She was no longer Elizabeth.  Henceforth, she would call herself Caton, borrowing that name from the dust jacket of an obscure Romanian … Continue reading

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A Secret (Day 9, 2016)

Day 9’s prompt at the National Poetry Writing Month website encourages us to write a line of poetry that we are afraid to write.  I pretty much did that yesterday, but why not make it two in a row? A Secret Sometimes I … Continue reading

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The Recipe 

If you get a few plastic bottles, some batteries, a little fertilizer and lye, and a pack of Sudafed, and you can cook yourself a pile of crystal meth in your own home.  Snort it or smoke it, get that … Continue reading

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Marlene:  A Brief Bit of Fiction

Señora Grundy hated me, but not as much as I hated her. I’m not sure what bothered me most–the intense cherry red of her obviously dyed hair, the voice so squeaky it could give a nearby dog seizures, or the … Continue reading

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Excerpt from NaNoWriMo 2015

The following is a portion of an in-progress novel. Comments and feedback are appreciated. Denise Fox’s sister, Haley, has recently been murdered. My earliest memory involves my sister Haley.  When I was three, I had a ceramic piggy bank sitting … Continue reading

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