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did you hear? (Day 22, 2018)

Another day, another poem. did you hear? a sister of my neighbor’s best friend’s third-cousin’s dogsitter is also the state trooper who arrested Cal Ripken for beating Kevin Costner with a bat for sleeping with Cal’s wife the night the … Continue reading

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Joe Paterno knew (Day 6, 2018)

Again, I’m ignoring the National Poetry Writing Month prompt. Joe Paterno knew a lot about football and self-mythologizing and building a man’s character and that his good friend Jerry had been touching young boys for thirty years and bringing those … Continue reading

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Tyson (Day 20, 2017)

Another NaPoWriMo poem.  We were asked to use sports metaphors. Tyson I try to write like I am Mike Tyson on fight night bright lights, hard rights watch out, I might take a slight bite my pen is the glove jabbing your … Continue reading

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The Square Circle: A Sermon on Boxing

The following is a service I delivered on August 16 at the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church. PRELUDE:  “Mama Said Knock You Out” OPENING WORDS (“Boxing”) The last song on Ben Folds Five’s self-titled debut album is a delicate piano-driven waltz called … Continue reading

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On the Ice

Part 6 of the Northern Minnesota project. Paul was four years old, a scrawny kid with shaggy auburn hair and freckles.  In those days, he spent a great deal of time with Mrs. Augsburger in the living quarters above her husband’s … Continue reading

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An Incomplete List of Unconvincing Reasons Offered to Me

the world is complex and flowers are beautiful and the body is self-regulating and my football team won and Hitler lost and I found the love of my life and a person I know beat cancer and science keeps changing … Continue reading

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“That #€*% Football Team!”

Watch the pronouns that fans choose: It’s We who win but They who lose. Never mind it’s just Week One– This team sucks! Their season’s done! Fire the coaches! Cut the stars! Shouts ring out in local bars. The writers … Continue reading

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