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Joe Paterno knew (Day 6, 2018)

Again, I’m ignoring the National Poetry Writing Month prompt. Joe Paterno knew a lot about football and self-mythologizing and building a man’s character and that his good friend Jerry had been touching young boys for thirty years and bringing those … Continue reading

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the better half

jesus spent 40 days in the desert readying himself for the miracles yet to come and when god needed a re-do on creation, he sent rain that lasted 40 days and nights before letting loose a rainbow even now the … Continue reading

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July 15, 1967, 9:34 AM

When Frank Hayes turned six, his mother gave him a pair of work boots, just like his father’s. They were a deep brown leather with rubber soles and a small steel plate in the toe, and the laces wrapped around … Continue reading

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In the Night, Unafraid

What follows is the text of a sermon I gave at the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church on Sunday, May 22, 2016. Readings and links to the songs in question are included.  (Words in italics are not mine.) OPENING WORDS Our opening … Continue reading

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A Reasonable Request

Napoleon told Josephine in a letter that he was coming home and she should stop bathing In anticipation. His nose carried the fumes of gunpowder and corpses, of horses and latrines and scream-filled field hospitals. To bury his face in … Continue reading

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Her shirt said No Code a secret message I received and internalized as though liking the same unpopular album bound us together. She may have noticed my awkward crush (or maybe she didn’t) when we shared a seat on the … Continue reading

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Bradleysburg (10)

At the age of 17, Max Cassidy dropped out of high school. He liked drinking and dirt-bikes and could give two shits about what king conquered whom or how many laws Newton made up. Life was short–everyone told him so–too … Continue reading

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