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Easily Offended (Day 27, 2017)

We are 27 days into National Poetry Writing Month. Easily Offended it wasn’t the swear words that upset her not just them, anyway he could be funny and kind but his mind traveled to places she preferred  to pretend did not … Continue reading

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Why He Chose Her

He loved that she wore a Santa hat. None of the other girls were dressed for the holidays, just her. She had the face of a small-town waitress–crow’s feet and laugh lines the makeup couldn’t hide–but the hat was new … Continue reading

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December’s End

The reindeer snort and paw at the snow-covered shingles, yoked together in slavery to the old man’s quixotic quest for Peace on Earth. Snow clings to his beard as he tramps across the icy roof toward the sooty chimney that … Continue reading

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The bearded old stranger peered into the little boy’s window and watched the sleeping child breathe then made a note in the raggedy spiral notebook he carried with him. He came by every night to check on little Kyle and … Continue reading

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“He watches over you…”

[Note: Following is a story I’ve written for my children this Christmas.] Dark Tidings ​Jingle was excited to be a certified Elf on the Shelf. It had taken years of training, endless physical and psychological exams, and an unquenchable love … Continue reading

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Beginning to look a lot like…shit?

The Christmas tree is now erect but mostly dark, having spent too much time boxed up out of sight. Its feelings were hurt. It has given up on life and now lives the miserable existence of a depressed shut-in not … Continue reading

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Does reality dull the eye?

Does a child need to believe in magic to have true creativity? A friend chastised me for not keeping the Santa myth alive, because “kids need to have some imagination.” They do, I agree, but is this what causes imagination … Continue reading

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