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Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Day 8, 2018)

Day 8 of National Poetry Writing Month. Wouldn’t It Be Nice Brian once said he’d give me one of his eyes if it would improve my sight and I’m almost glad the technology isn’t there yet because he’d text me … Continue reading

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Adieu, Adieu (Day 16)

Gate E19 is relatively empty an hour and a half before departure.  Kristy is off buying a magazine for the flight.  There are a few couples talking about forty feet from me, but otherwise I’m alone. We’ve been in Europe … Continue reading

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Stairway to Heaven (Day 13)

Before we left for Europe, I asked a friend of mine–a co-worker from Italy–what nice things I could do with my wife in Amsterdam. He shook his head.  “Your wife?  Already you have ruined Amsterdam.” And I can kind of … Continue reading

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A Clean, Well-Lit Place (Day 8)

   We overslept, and we didn’t get out the door until after 10 AM.  Kristy was worried that we were wasting our day.  She needn’t have been concerned.  Today was the day we went H.A.M.  (Look it up, old people.) … Continue reading

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First Impressions (Day 7)

We all know that the French are rude, beret-wearing pickpockets who love to mistreat foreigners, especially Americans.  They refuse to speak English, put cockroaches in your drinks, and have sex with your wife when you’re not looking. Except none of … Continue reading

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. The Beatles (Day 6)

I didn’t have high hopes for today.  Our London Pass had expired, so we either had to do free activities or pay way too much for things.  Kristy, being the sensible woman that she is, wanted the former. Her first choice was … Continue reading

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Grey Day (Day 4)

   “Where are the Americans in the crowd…?  If you had paid your taxes, all this would be yours!”  The Beefeater guards at the Tower of London are a lot more fun than the silent, unsmiling men at Buckingham Palace. … Continue reading

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