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If You Aren’t in over Your Head—A UU Sermon

The following is taken from a service I led at the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church on Sunday, January 28, 2018. Also included are all readings that were used. OPENING WORDS My Moral Life (by Mark Halliday) Two years hence. When … Continue reading

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What the Cat Saw (Day 26, 2017)

Just a few more days to go for National Poetry Writing Month. What the Cat Saw The cat balances  on the back of the couch with her face pressed against the window watching the little boy play soccer in the neighbor’s … Continue reading

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Pepe (Day 8, 2016)

Today is the 8th day of National Poetry Writing Month! Pepe    He frightened her, the mouse, scampering into her classroom at odd hours, so she decided to name him, a mental trick  to ease her fear. She called him Pepe. … Continue reading

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Mass Shootings and You

Another day, another mass shooting.  We average more than one per day in the United States, which is not a left-wing talking point, but verifiably true.  The President called it a pattern, which is understatement on the level of waking up … Continue reading

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Drips (Day 12)

(Day 12 of National Poetry Writing Month.) My daughter stands  in the shower for minutes after turning the water off, wrapped in a damp towel, complaining about the cold, her voice an elongated wail that starts softly and rises in pitch  … Continue reading

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Then, as Now (Day 4)

(Day 4 of National Poetry Writing Month, and on we go!) I used to climb trees but never to the top just high enough to dangle my legs and feel a slight twinge of fear, my palms sweating slightly on the … Continue reading

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Gunshot, 7:34 PM

Yuppies dominate this neighborhood driving Audis and Mercedes past the country club whose initiation fee is thirty thousand dollars ferrying kids to riding lessons and lacrosse practice or that exclusive school tucked in among the horse farms returning home for … Continue reading

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