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Easily Offended (Day 27, 2017)

We are 27 days into National Poetry Writing Month. Easily Offended it wasn’t the swear words that upset her not just them, anyway he could be funny and kind but his mind traveled to places she preferred  to pretend did not … Continue reading

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Watching the world pass me by…

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one DVD with you, what would it be? Fuck, marry, kill–Christina Hendricks, Christina Aguilera, Tina Fey? If a genie granted you just one wish, what would it … Continue reading

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So you’ll watch a male stripper movie, but you don’t want them to swear?

At a party today, the topic turned to Magic Mike, a film which almost everyone (except me) had seen and almost no one liked. There were complaints about the lack of a story, the gritty tone, and the subject matter … Continue reading

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