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A List of Wonderful Things about 2017

If 2017 was better than 2016, it was only a matter of degrees. We didn’t have to relive the skullfuckery of Election Night, but we had to confront its spray-tanned aftermath. Travel bans, tax bills, neo-Nazis…all things 2016 doomed us … Continue reading

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The Definitive List of the 25 Best Movies of This Century

Because the critics at the New York Times have decided to list their favorite 25 movies of the 21st century, I am following suit.  Their list is interesting and wide-ranging, but, to my mind, flawed.  There are omissions (of course) and … Continue reading

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One Night in Frederick, Maryland (Day 10, 2016)

Welcome back to those of you I haven’t offended!  It’s day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month. One Night, in Frederick, Maryland We stood on the porch as rain fell with the force of a bathroom faucet on the empty 2 … Continue reading

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Perfect, If Only for a Moment (Day 12)

People are messy and fragile, each a masterpiece dimmed over time by exposure to the elements, careless handling, and age, but I don’t want to write about that on a day this beautiful where the warm spring air wraps around … Continue reading

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The sun shines on days where children go missing and innocent bystanders are shot and bombs fall in the wrong place. A woman who’s just miscarried will pass happy new families on her way out of a hospital where everyone … Continue reading

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On the 19th Anniversary Of a Suicide (Day Five)

(More NaPoWriMo, again disregarding the prompt.) On the 19th Anniversary of a Suicide Kurt Cobain was supposed to be the voice of my generation but I was at the tail end of the Gen-Xers so maybe I was a bit … Continue reading

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Don’t look. Just leap.

Oh, Dream Maker, you heartbreaker, Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way. Two drfiters, off to see the world– There’s such a lot of world to see… –Henry Mancini, “Moon River” Twenty is too young to get married. Ask anyone … Continue reading

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