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A List of Wonderful Things about 2017

If 2017 was better than 2016, it was only a matter of degrees. We didn’t have to relive the skullfuckery of Election Night, but we had to confront its spray-tanned aftermath. Travel bans, tax bills, neo-Nazis…all things 2016 doomed us … Continue reading

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Blister in the Sun (Day 24, 2016)

On this 24th day of National Poetry Writing Month, I’ve have been tasked by Julie Ayers with writing a poem with this specific title. Blister in the Sun He took her to dinner at her favorite restaurant– the hole-in-the-wall sushi joint– and sat … Continue reading

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Promise (Day 28)

   I’ll hold  the dustpan;  you can sweep the  jagged pieces of last night  away, betting on goodwill  and decency,  hoping we won’t be proven  foolish again, that  this time  we will wipe away more than blood  and tears,  positive … Continue reading

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Ian (Day 8)

(Day 8 of National Poetry Writing Month.)    He comes in  for his bedtime hug eyes droopy  dragging his blanket like every night but tonight  as I squeeze him he whispers I believe in you, Daddy as if knowing I need … Continue reading

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Eye of a needle (Week 1 Review)

So far, I have not said much about eyesight improvements related to my acupuncture treatments. I worry that reporting changes might give false hope to both myself and to my readers. Any improvements are small, barely detectable things, as the … Continue reading

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Observations made in a rare moment of solitude

There’s a certain freedom in being the only one awake in a quiet house. The demands of the day have been put to bed, not to rise before the sun. Or so I hope. Parenting does not sharpen one’s mental … Continue reading

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