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The Definitive List of the 25 Best Movies of This Century

Because the critics at the New York Times have decided to list their favorite 25 movies of the 21st century, I am following suit.  Their list is interesting and wide-ranging, but, to my mind, flawed.  There are omissions (of course) and … Continue reading

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How hard should a movie try to please its audience?  If movies are a diversion from the strains of real life–as so many people insist they are–is there such a thing as trying to hard? La La Land can serve as … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

After a long hiatus, Jesse and I are trying to bring back Cigarette Burns. No word on how frequently these reviews will appear, so enjoy them when they do. This review has spoilers of a sort, but this is not … Continue reading

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Found Poem with Movie Titles

In a World Where the Wild Things Are Playing for Keeps Only You Remember the Titans From Hell Bringing Down the House On the Waterfront In Bruges For a Few Dollars More Honey Your Friends and Neighbors Can’t Hardly Wait … Continue reading

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On the Anti-Affleck Backlash

Why the fuck does anyone care about Ben Affleck playing a superhero? A big-name star took a role in a blockbuster franchise? And the star can’t act that well and the movie is probably gonna suck donkey balls? Holy leotard-shitting … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Romance & Cigarettes

“Marriage is combat,” Nick Murder tells a young police officer early on in Romance & Cigarettes. This is not the sort of combat from a John Wayne movie, either, with stoic heroes and the flag rising over Iwo Jima. No, … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Bob Roberts

*Spoilers* A man in a suit stands at a microphone holding a guitar. “Drugs stink,” he sings, accompanied by a well-dressed woman providing harmony. The music is the kind of thing you’d hear on A Prairie Home Companion–old-timey Americana. The … Continue reading

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