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Smile, Chuck! (Day 25, 2017)

Day 25 of National Poetry Writing Month. Smile, Chuck! Someone is taking a picture freezing this moment  for millions who have never and will never be in the room with you but who want to understand why so many love  and … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Little Ones (Day 17)

(National Poetry Writing Month continues.) Silence, child, and listen close! Pay dearest heed to those who know the ghoulish tale of Bloody Joe, the Bedroom Closet Strangler! He hides behind your winter coat his hands in gloves made out of goat … Continue reading

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Baby Photos (Day 14)

can you see it in the eyes even then before they grow hair or teeth, while they wear cartoon onesies and play with wooden blocks the way they will one day manipulate terrified people– placing them just so then knocking … Continue reading

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Still Crazy After All These Years?: Charles Manson and Me

A Current Affair was a tabloid news show hosted by Maury Povich. It aired in the Pittsburgh area at 7 PM, just after dinner, after I’d done my homework. It was 1988. I was seven years old and fully unaware … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Star 80

Paul Snider wants to be Big Time. He works out, dresses in expensive clothes, and practices small talk in the mirror. Trouble is, Paul gives off the vibe of a small town con man straining for something beyond his grasp. … Continue reading

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True Story: The Battle of Chalk Hill

Daniel Raymond lived in Chalk Hill, a small village in southwestern Pennsylvania. He was in his early forties in February of 1960 when he took his rifle down from its resting place and told his wife, “I’m going to use … Continue reading

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A Short Play: “Unfinished Business”

Following is a short play, the final one of mine selected for a public reading by the Baltimore Playwrights Festival… Unfinished Business Characters: LEE–a man in his fifties SHARON–a woman in her fifties AT RISE: (We open on a spartan … Continue reading

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