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Legos (Day 1, 2017)

Today is the first day of National Poetry Writing Month, where the goal is to write 30 poems in 30 days.  (You should try it.) Legos There are Legos on the floor, sharp plastic edges and round protrusions hiding just beneath … Continue reading

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A Suggestion from My Wife (Day 10)

(One third of the way through National Poetry Writing Month.) Write a love poem,  and it’s okay if it’s sappy so long as it’s about me. Talk about  our glorious future, our grandkids running through sprinklers in well-mown grass, dark silhouettes  … Continue reading

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Dedicated to a Friend

what’s one more fire to put out ball to juggle bullet to dodge mountain to climb burden to bear? she can handle another punch to the gut slap in the face kick to the head yank of the hair poke … Continue reading

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Bradleysburg (2)

Great round bales of hay rose from the field ahead, yellow-brown in the noontime sun. The boys walked carefree through the fresh-mown grass and up the steep hill. Jared relayed fresh intelligence he’d gathered from an older kid–Sammy Jenkins, the … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

After a long hiatus, Jesse and I are trying to bring back Cigarette Burns. No word on how frequently these reviews will appear, so enjoy them when they do. This review has spoilers of a sort, but this is not … Continue reading

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Accidents (Day 19)

Her feelings bruise easy as ripe fruit which is not the best match for a man who gropes blindly both literally and metaphorically always breaking some cherished piece or another just trying to get from here to there in the … Continue reading

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Trophy Won (Day 11)

(Are you doing NaPoWriMo, too? You should. It’s fun.) My fist mostly missed his face, the only contact being the knuckle of my right pinky snagging on one of his canine teeth, a tearing sensation and flash of pain shooting … Continue reading

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