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Too Old for This (Good) Shit

Staying up until midnight used to seem like so much fun.  Remember being young, when even the idea of midnight filled you with the excitement of the forbidden?  Your parents didn’t let you stay up that late, so when they made … Continue reading

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Rest, Alfie

Two weeks ago, my cat, Alfie, fell off the bed.  Actually, I’m being imprecise, because he never quite made it up.  He jumped, missed, and fell on the IKEA-wood platform base that supports my mattress.  He yowled and slunk away … Continue reading

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Power Nap (Day 7)

(Day 7 of National Poetry Writing Month.) Set a timer, Siri. Ten minutes  is all I need. A short nap to re-energize and re-vitalize, clear my head so I can Interact with my wife and kids without sarcasm and cruelty,  so … Continue reading

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Rubbing my eyes

Why am I on the floor? That state in between sleep and dreams, where you’re entirely disoriented… I really am on the bedroom floor and Kristy is talking to me. Mwuh cah keh a molz! “What did you say?” “The … Continue reading

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Focusing on priorities, like sleep

Mitt Romney was not likely to get my vote in any case, but he really blew it this afternoon. He didn’t lay out a new and unsavory policy position, and no scandal has tarnished his reputation. It was worse than … Continue reading

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Eyes to the heavens

“Daddy, what’s science?” We were laying on the bed in the guest room, and Mia was getting ready for a nap. “Well, honey, science is when you study things and try to figure out how they work. There are lots … Continue reading

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Dreams interrupted

If a child cries in the night and the baby monitor is intentionally unplugged so her parents can’t hear her, does she make a sound? Ian was such a good sleeper until a week or so ago. Eight in the … Continue reading

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