What should I expect to find here?

Now that you’ve found this site, you might be wondering what to expect if you should choose to look around a bit. The answer, simply, is a bit of everything.

I write prose, poetry, plays–whatever strikes my fancy. Some of these posts are confessional; others are opinion; a few are jokes of one kind or another. They should stand for themselves. If not, feel free to say so.

Posts are grouped by category, which might be a good way to find things. Like every life, mine goes through phases, and that’s reflected here. I try not to be too focused on one thing, so if you’re pissed off or nonplussed by one piece, try another.

I’m glad you’re here. Really. Odds are I don’t know you, and you’ve decided to spend at least a few minutes with me. Thank you, sincerely.


2 Responses to What should I expect to find here?

  1. You are a most bindman who know the difference between light snd dark. Thx.

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