Northern Minnesota Project

i don’t know what this is, exactly, and maybe over time I’ll figure that out.  Right now, it’s a serialized collection of short vignettes that build on each other sequentially. 

One thing I’ll point out is that I will not push these small pieces toward climaxes or twists.  Instead, they’ll move at the speed I need them to go, and end where I need them to end.  If you feel a particular segment lacks a definitive ending, read the next.  

They are listed by title below.

The Sheriff’s Family (Part 1)

Lars (Part 2)

Commitment (Part 3)

Rosie (Part 4)

Lake Ayers (Part 5)

On the Ice (Part 6)

Fargo Freddie (Part 7)

The Newspaper (Part 8)

In an Unknown Room (Part 9)


6 Responses to Northern Minnesota Project

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