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A List of Wonderful Things about 2017

If 2017 was better than 2016, it was only a matter of degrees. We didn’t have to relive the skullfuckery of Election Night, but we had to confront its spray-tanned aftermath. Travel bans, tax bills, neo-Nazis…all things 2016 doomed us … Continue reading

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What the Cat Saw (Day 26, 2017)

Just a few more days to go for National Poetry Writing Month. What the Cat Saw The cat balances  on the back of the couch with her face pressed against the window watching the little boy play soccer in the neighbor’s … Continue reading

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Feline Blues (Day 17, 2016)

Day 17, and National Poetry Writing Month rolls along. Feline Blues What’s the worst thing about being a cat? You may be tempted to say it’s the food, which is either dry and hard, or moist and mushy and made of meat … Continue reading

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Perfect, If Only for a Moment (Day 12)

People are messy and fragile, each a masterpiece dimmed over time by exposure to the elements, careless handling, and age, but I don’t want to write about that on a day this beautiful where the warm spring air wraps around … Continue reading

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The Talk (Day 4)

(More NaPoWriMo.) honey I have something to tell you about your kitty Mittens do you remember how we told you never to let kitty out under any circumstances? yesterday you didn’t listen did you? you took Mittens out and he … Continue reading

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Gathering Storm

In 2010 my wife wanted to have a baby and move an hour closer to work but I wanted neither and we fought like crazy for a couple months before my will broke and she got everything she wanted. Now … Continue reading

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View to a kill

Cats are sociopaths. They have no concern for the feelings of others. They’ll rub on you, but only when it suits them. And, like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy before them, they murder for sport. We were witness to … Continue reading

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